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Breast and Heart – A Woman’s Comprehensive Package

  • Duration 4 hour(s)
  • English
  • Meet on Location
  • Show Mobile or Printed Voucher
  • Strictly Non Refundable


This is a comprehensive health screen that is suitable particularly for ladies from their 40s onwards. It will cover breast evaluation and is useful both for breast screening or if you feel a breast lump or have other breast symptoms. Where a lump is confirmed and deemed suspicious, there is the add-on option of a biopsy.

It is also suited for ladies with a strong family history of heart disease or those with cardiovascular risk factors such as high cholesterol levels, diabetes and a history of smoking.

It comprises evaluation by 2 specialists in their separate fields of expertise. One is a breast specialist – a breast surgeon who will be able to treat breast diseases and educate on breast issues. The other is a cardiologist who will evaluate for cardiovascular disease and recommend further investigations and treatment as necessary. The consultation will conclude with valuable lifestyle counselling.

What to Expect

Breast cancer is the top cancer for women worldwide, contributing to 25% of cancers in women. Screening is able to detect this cancer at an earlier stage making it more amenable to breast conservation surgery and prolonged survival.

‘Cardiovascular disease, often thought to be a male” problem, is the main killer of older people of both sexes almost everywhere in the world. In fact, each year cardiovascular disease causes a larger number of deaths in older women than in older men’ – taken from WHO’s Global Health Observatory.

Allow at least 3 full working days to comfortably complete all the investigations and meet with both specialists in an unhurried manner. Add-on investigations will take additional working days.

Package Options

Option Name Charge Type Price  
Breast and Heart – A Woman’s Comprehensive Package Per Person USD 2,346.00