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Cardiology Cardiac Premium Packages

  • Duration 3 hour(s)
  • English
  • Meet on Location
  • Show Mobile or Printed Voucher
  • Strictly Non Refundable


General health and detailed cardiovascular health screening for individuals who are concerned if they have any risk factors affecting their future health as they age; for individuals who may have family members who may have diabetes or hypertension or cholesterol problems or stroke or heart disease; for those older than 40 years old who have put off their health check-up for some time; and for those concerned if they have any coronary artery disease or narrowing.

What to Expect

All in-house investigations and blood investigations will be completed and results ready within the same day. For external investigations (those marked with an asterisk *), we aim to obtain the results within 24 hours, depending on slot availability. If unable to obtain an appointment slot for the external investigations on the same day as the first visit, it will be done the next working day (excludes Public Holidays and weekends). Depending on what time the patient arrives for the first visit, the follow up visit can be the same day (if patient’s first visit appointment is in the morning, follow up visit will be in the afternoon of the same day once all the external investigations results are ready. If patient’s first visit appointment is in the afternoon, follow up visit will be in the morning of the following working day once all the external investigations results are ready, excludes Public Holidays and weekends). (Note: no Saturday appointments for first visit. We are closed on Sunday and Public Holidays).  Depending on the results of the various investigations done in the package above, additional investigations may be recommended during the follow up visit (point e above). Example: CT coronary angiogram shows that you have significant coronary artery disease. You may require minimal invasive coronary angiogram, with a view to coronary angioplasty. Involvement of other specialist(s) in your care may be necessary depending on the results of your investigations (example: Kidney specialist if your blood test shows that you may have kidney problems).

Package Options

Option Name Charge Type Price  
Cardiology Cardiac Premium Package Per Person USD 2,355.00