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About SIBS

SIBS is a healthcare and medical support services firm assisting individuals needing medical attention access to the best medical expertise available. It also helps Singapore-based medical professionals broaden their patient base within the region. With a network of in-country associates across Asean and China, SIBS is able to connect a patient within a few hours flight from Singapore immediately to a specialist or a group of specialists as needed. Founded by a cancer survivor, SIBS’s mission is to help individuals and their loved ones manage the fear and concerns which arise when an illness is diagnosed.

SIBS’s primary objectives are to enable a patient to focus on recovering their health and to connect patients with physicians who are dedicated to treating their patients to the best of their ability; physicians who journey with their patients on the road to recovery.

SIBS is head officed in Singapore, a country with a reputation for one of the best health care systems and college of physicians in all fields of medicine in the world.

Singapore offers patients a choice of medical specialists, an option of world class hospitals and auxiliary medical facilities and, importantly, the peace of mind that the country’s regulatory environment ensures the highest level of standards and practices.

The country is favoured by foreign patients as their healthcare centre and destination as foreigners have a choice of any physician and general and specialist hospital (there are 17) Singapore has to offer.