About Us


About S.I.B.S Khmermedical

We are a digital healthcare platform and believe patient access to medical information and services should be simple and convenient. We constantly work with our healthcare partners and strive to boost innovation and uplift the healthcare ecosystem in Cambodia.

Our mission

To deliver seamless healthcare support for each individual’s medical journey.

Our vision

To be the healthcare support service of choice in Cambodia.

Our Services

We integrate our services to provide patients with the expert care they need in the most seamless way possible.

Our patient care managers (PCM) walk and journey with the patient through tailored and practical care.

Personalised programme for each individual’s medical journey; including enhanced recovery protocols.


One - Stop Solution

  • Telehealth Consult (Cambodia)
  • Screening
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment / Procedure / Surgery (Both in Cambodia and in SG)
  • Post care (Cambodia)

If necessary, we also provide cross-border concierge services.

Choose from a wide-range of medical specialties

Find our in-network doctors and make a appointment to visit them

See top medical specialists at their clinics

Check your favourite doctor profile and make an appointment with doctor of choice

Skip an overseas trip to the doctor’s waiting room

Book a video appointment anytime and see top Singapore specialists from the comfort of your home or our in-network local clinics