Telehealth Consult (Cambodia)

The benefits of telemedicine - Video Consultation

“Health care can be time consuming and confusing.” If you have not used telemedicine before, you may be wondering how it works. Below are some reasons to use the service as well as what kind of care to expect:
Talk to only high-quality surgeons and physicians e.g. our accomplished panel of specialty doctors are certified and licensed by Singapore’s Ministry of Health.

Use Telemedicine for :

  • Triaging, to determine if patient need to be seen/treated immediately. A videoconference second-opinion may prevent unnecessary surgery and provide advice that can potentially reduce medical costs and the stress level of a patient
  • Post treatment
  • Meds adjustment
  • Chronic disease follow-up
After making an appointment/registration on our platform; you will receive directions by email and confirmation details of doctor who has accepted your booking.
Telehubs at participating medical centres and clinics in Phnom Penh are available for patients needing medical translators. Our patient care handlers will be present together with a local General Practitioner. Your tele-consult appointment is private and confidential as it is conducted in the comfort of a private room at one of our healthcare partners’ facility.
Telehealth doctors can diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions: allergies, bronchitis, sinus infections, rashes, pinkeye (in kids and adults), arthritis flare-ups, etc. Some specialists may not provide tele consult online as it may be challenging to read vital signs.You’ll have to give your medical history, the same way you would in a health provider’s office.
During the consultation, patients make informed decisions and local doctors at the telehealth hubs are then able to do necessary follow-up or preparation for elective treatment.
Some illnesses and injuries require an in-clinic visit. For critically urgent matters, you should go directly to an accident and emergency department of a hospital e.g. broken bones, head injuries, severe burns, chest pain and vomiting blood as well as emergency mental health needs.
All steps are taken to ensure the privacy of the teleconsultation. The patient will not hold the doctor or SIBS responsible for inadvertent leak of the teleconsultation by an external party. If for whatever reason consult stops halfway, there is also no liability if consult is not complete.
Prescribed medication requires possible tailoring of dosages and monitoring of side effects. The patient assumes full responsibility for reporting of symptoms and returning for follow-up consultation for these, preferable to a doctor in person.
A teleconsultation will not be able to fully replicate the management and care that a doctor is able to provide for a patient in person. When and where the situation allows, we would highly encourage you to visit your doctor in person.
Our customer service managers are ready to answer your questions via WhatsApp in  English, Chinese, Bahasa and Khmer(Telegram).
Thereafter you can register online to consult with a doctor of your choice.
For foreign patient currently residing outside Singapore, you can enquire about necessary travelling documents by checking with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website.
Telehealth Consult (Cambodia)
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