Dr. Chansathya Khieu

Dr. Chansathya Khieu
វេជ្ជបណ្ឌិត ខៀវ ច័ន្ទសត្យា

Uveitis & Ocular Inflammation

No. 25, Street 115, Sangkat Beoung Prolit, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 120308

Languages: Khmer, English

About Dr. Chansathya Khieu

Dr. Chansathya completed his ophthalmology residency in 2017 from the University of Health Sciences, Cambodia. After completing his first year as a comprehensive ophthalmologist, he underwent his fellowship in uveitis and ocular inflammation in 2019 at the Department of Ophthalmology in Chiang Mai University, Thailand. As part of his international accredited fellowship program, Dr. Chansathya also did a short course uveitis training at the Proctor Foundation, University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Northwestern Memorial hospital, Chicago, USA.

As the first uveitis specialist in Cambodia, he aims to provide a better diagnosis and care to uveitis patients with hope to shift treatment from corticosteroids to steroids sparing agents and more advanced biologic agents in patients with chronic posterior and panuveitis needing long term treatment. Besides clinical work, Dr. Chansathya is also interested in research in the field of uveitis and ocular inflammation and has also published and reviewed peer-review papers.

Special interests include hypertensive anterior uveitis, viral uveitis and retinal vasculitis

Kim Frumar Scholarship Award 2018

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