Commonly Asked Questions

Scotts International Bridging Services Pte Ltd (SIBS)

1. Why should I choose SIBS to help me?

SIBS was started by a cancer survivor and the advisors/associates in the firm have personally experienced the challenges of a loved one diagnosed with catastrophic or terminal illness. Each SIBS advisor/associate understands what you and your loved ones are going through, and we want to come along side and help you navigate this journey to full recovery.

The role of a primary doctor should never be underestimated. The first connection with a medical professional may save your life. An experienced and meticulous doctor is able to detect a troubled area long before a problem manifests. However, a hospital with efficient and well-trained members of staff is of utmost importance as minutes can save a patient’s life.

The choice of specialist is dependent on the initial diagnosis of the primary or referring doctor. SIBS works with the top and respected specialists in their field in Singapore and will endeavor to connect the patient with the right specialist.

The best information you’ll have is when you meet the specialist. The first step to take in obtaining the appropriate information to make a decision is identifying the medical discipline, the type of specialists. In the past, traumatised individuals come to SIBS thinking they have a cancerous growth but have returned home happy and relieved because the specialist discovered the growth was benign.

SIBS is committed to securing the earliest available appointment with the doctor/specialist of choice. Doctors need all available and pertinent information to determine what is best for a patient they have yet to examine; even if the patient is in distress. It is advisable for patients to have scans and results of investigative reports ready as reports are critical for timely intervention.

Patients, on identifying a doctor/specialist of choice, may not secure an immediate appointment as experienced specialists are much sought after and schedules are tight. However SIBS will strive to fulfil the 12-hour response period (from the time patient contacts SIBS) to confirm a consultation date. Travelling companion of patient should preferably be an adult who can play the role of emotional and physical supporter and be the second pair of “ears” at the consultation with the specilaists . The companion should also be able to help patient manage medication.

It is critical that an experienced person/doctor/medical clinic refers you as they are familiar with the type and scope of information is required of the patient for SIBS to make the appropriate recommendations. Many patients are traumatised by the initial diagnosis which makes the quality of referring party important as these individuals can provide counsel and ease the process.

The costs and incidentals incurred are unique to each patient. However a deposit – the amount to be advised and processed by the patient’s in-country referring party — payable at the time a request is made for a specialist/doctor appointment is made to SIBS for : – Specialist’s first consultation fee (excludes investigative tests and reports) if allowed by law. – SIBS services (advisor/associate) for first appointment with specialist and pick up from the airport to the hotel or clinic or hospital.

The medical coverage is dependent on the type of medical and health insurance policy you have. Please refer to your insurance provider for complete details of your personal insurance coverage. SIBS services are not covered by insurance.

SIBS can provide information and a list of hotels in the locality of major hospitals. SIBS can also connect medical travellers to an inbound travel company that will facilitate the necessary requirements. For patients who need to stay in Singapore for longer periods, SIBS will help locate special live-in arrangements. SIBS associates on location will make the normal travel arrangements as they have access to competitive prices and they are on the ground with the patients.