Dr. Phearoum Khorn

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Dr. Phearoum Khorn gradudated with General Medical Doctor program from International University Cambodia in March 2012. In November 2012,  he continued 4 years residency specialty in family medicine at Mercy Medical Center Cambodia. He has attended many training short courses, such as Reading Chest X-ray, Basic ECG, CPR and successfully passed all of the 12 theory examination in the FAMILY MDECINE TRAINING COURSE. He was invited to present a case study, Diabetes Ketaocidosis in Korea, 2015,(one step Further: The Pursuit of Excellent in Critical care) and he had successfully completed the Asia Clinical Tropical Medicine in Thailand 2016. He is fully certified in first aid and CPR.

In his career, he leads a team of medical students from International University that goes on medical outreaches to help the poor people and is also involved in medical mobile clinics. He works effectively under pressure, is flexible, able to prioritize work tasks  and maintains good communication with the team. His passion for Cambodia people to recieve professional and ethical healthcare, do medical outreach to help the poor and training and sharing his knowledge and experience with the young generation.

  • Residency:Mercy Medical Center, Cambodia
  • M.D.: International University of Cambodia (2012)
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