Dr. Scuffi Dimitri

Dr. Scuffi Dimitri

General Surgery

Andoung Khmer Village, Sangkat Andoung khmer, Krong Kompot, Kampot Province 070804

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian

About Dr. Scuffi Dimitri

2000 Board Examination Surgery, Lausanne, Switzerland
2001 Course for Vascular surgery, Pontresina, Swirtzerland
2001 Course for advanced AO, Davos, Switzerland
2002 Course for proctology, Genève, Switzerland
2002 Practical course for gastroenterology surgery, Davos
2002 Specialty Board Examination Surgery, Aarau, Switzerland
2002 Board of advanced laparoscopic surgery, Strasbourg
2003 Plastic Surgery Course, Lugano, Switzerland
2004 Plastic Surgery Intensif Course, Budapest, Hungary
2004 Microsurgery Course, Turin, Italy 

January 1996- Dec. 1997 Fellowship
Surgery Department, Ospedale La Carità, Locarno,
Switzerland, Dr. P. Biegger, Dr. D. Donati

1998 Fellowship
Internal Medicine Department, Ospedale San Giovanni, Bellinzona , Switzer-
land, Prof. Dr. C. Marone, Prof. Dr. A.

September 5th 1999 Senior Surgeon ER Surgery Department, University Hospital Zurich,
Prof. Dr. O. Trentz, PD Dr. R. Zellweger

October 1999 – March 2000 Fellowship
Surgery Department, Abdominal surgery
University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
PD. Dr. Röthlin

April 2000 – July 2001 Fellowship
Surgery Department, Vascular surgery
University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. M. Turina, PD Dr. P. Cassina

September 2001 – Chief of Service
December 2002 Surgery Department, Ospedale La Carità, Locarno,
Dr. P. Biegger, Dr. D. Donati

2003 Senior fellow
Plastic Esthetic and Hand Surgery, Hôpital de Sion,
Dr. P. Schertenleib, Dr. Zuber
2004 Fellowship
Hear, Nose and Throat Reconstructive Surgery
University Hospital of Lausanne,
Prof. Ph. Moonier

2005 Attending Professor
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Center, Lausanne
PD. G.F. Maillard ( ISAPS Professor )

2006-2008 Medical Director and Chief Surgeon
La Combe Medical Center, Nyon

2009- 2013 Dr. Scuffi Surgical Center, Owner,Locarno Switzerland
Consultant in Surgery, Clinica Santa Chiara, Locarno
Consultant in Surgery, Clinica Sant’Anna, Lugano

2014 General Surgeon, Royal Phnom Penh Hospital, Phnom
Penh, Cambodia
2015 Senior Surgeon,Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital Kompot
Consultant at Naga Clinic in PP

2016-2018 Own Clinic in Kompot
2019 General Surgeon, The Prestige Hospital, Phnom Penh
2020 Senior Surgeon, The Nokor Tep Hospital, Phnom Penh

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