Dr. Veasna Lan

Dr. Veasna Lan

General Practitioner & Pediatrics

Olympia City, Building C5, Tower A, 12th Floor, Street 161, Sangkat Veal Vong, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 120307

Languages: Khmer, English

About Dr. Veasna Lan

Medical Doctor’s degree  (International University, Cambodia, 2015)

Specialization in General Practice (Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital (SKMH), Cambodia, 2019)

Dr.Veasna Lan obtained his medical doctor’s degree at the International University of Cambodia.

Dr. Veasna Lan obtained his medical doctor’s degree at the International University, the Cambodia. After this he worked as a general practice and then resident in paediatrics, SKMH. He has also successfully completed postdoctoral education in general medicine.

With over 4 years of clinical experience in a charity hospital, Kampot, Cambodia, Dr. Veasna has been worked as a medical doctor in Kampot since 2016, looking after both the expatriate and local community.

In this role he specialized himself in pediatrics on the outpatient and inpatient departments, the emergency department and the neonatal intensive care unit until 2020, when he joined
team at Intercare Medical Center.

Personal Information

“It is the best pleasure feeling when people smile to me, especially the smile from children. I would like to see someone who need help, so that I can exchange your smile after I solved your problem.”

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