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Comprehensive Review of Medication on Kidney Health

  • Duration 2 hour(s)
  • English
  • Meet on Location
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  • Strictly Non Refundable


Diabetes and hypertension (high-blood pressure) is the number one and two leading causes of kidney failures respectively in most countries.  Regular health screenings and a healthy lifestyle are keys to preventing kidney failure as almost half of those with diabetes are not aware of their condition and are not treated. This health screen package evaluates the efficacy of all the medical prescriptions and drugs that passes through your kidney.  A nephrologist is able to safely advise you to reduce and or remove the intake for certain drugs without compromising safety.

What to Expect

Every drug you consume passes through your kidneys to be filtered; which is why it is important to take drugs in the manner prescribed by your healthcare provider. Some drugs are classified as poisonous or harmful beyond a certain dosage; in fact in certain countries they can be sold only by the relevant specialists.  You are harming your kidneys if excessive amounts of over-the-counter medication are taken over a prolonged period.

You will be reviewed by a nephrologist, a medical specialist concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases.  On your visit, you may want to share your personal and family cancer history (if any) and your medical history with your healthcare provider.  This specialist package provides a comprehensive diabetic kidney disease evaluation including having your Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, blood test and urine sample taken including a physical examination of your body.  Our nephrologist will review the outcome of the test and discuss with you a care plan or any medication changes, additional lab tests, and diet recommendations deemed necessary. 

Package Options

Option Name Charge Type Price  
Comprehensive Review of Medication on Kidney Health Per Person USD 1,110.00