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Glomerular Disease (Kidney Disorders) Comprehensive Evaluation Package

  • Duration 4 hour(s)
  • English
  • Meet on Location
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  • Strictly Non Refundable


This package is suitable for patients who already have indication of glomerular disease, a kidney disease caused by the swelling of small filters in the kidneys known as glomeruli, which function to remove excess fluid and waste from the bloodstream into the urine.  The evaluation is aimed for patients to have a comprehensive assessment to prevent or delay onset of kidney disease and other conditions with potentially health risks and dire economic consequences.


What to Expect

Glomerular disease can be cause by an infection or a drug that is harmful to your kidneys, diabetes or lupus, inflammation of kidney filters (glomerulonephritis), and scarring (sclerosis or stiffening) of the glomerulus  Important functions of the kidneys may be lost due to any of the above; either from a sudden onset of glomeruli inflammation (acute), or even from lupus. Though diabetic patients deteriorate to some stage of kidney disease, symptoms and causes varies. Symptoms include changes in urine color, reduced urine output, swelling of legs, hands and face, and high blood pressure.  You will be reviewed by a nephrologist, a medical specialist concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases.  This specialist package provides a comprehensive evaluation including having your Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, blood test and urine sample taken following a physical examination of your body.  You will want to share your personal and family cancer history (if any) or/and your medical history during your visit. Depending on the causes and severity of your symptoms, your nephrologist will likely recommend dietary changes, prescribe blood pressure medicines to control blood pressure, and corticosteroid to suppress swelling and relieve symptoms.

Package Options

Option Name Charge Type Price  
Glomerulonephritis Comprehensive Evaluation Per Person USD 1,318.00