During and post Covid-19, it’s a good time for breast self-examination Public
Contributed by: Dr. Melanie Seah
Posted On 03-Jul-2020 15:02 by Administrator

As I write this we are right in the middle of a lockdown with 1 more month to go. Even as the end of the month draws near and passes, life will not be what it used to be. There will be easing of various restrictions but smart social distanci....

Spinal Cord Stimulator for Post-Surgery Pain Relief & Nerve Pain Public
Contributed by: Dr. Thor Timothy, Anuntapon Chutatape
Posted On 03-Jul-2020 14:52 by Administrator

What is it used for? ●    Spinal Cord Stimulation is used to provide....

Eylea and Lucentis Injections for Treatment of Retinal Diseases Public
Contributed by: Dr. Nikolle Tan
Posted On 03-Jul-2020 14:46 by Administrator

Many serious diseases of the retina used to be untreatable. Even for those treatable with laser therapy, outcomes were frequently poor. Therefore, many patients with conditions like macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema or retinal vein occlusion were expected....

Postoperative Collapse Premium
Contributed by: Dr. Tham Kok Fun
Posted On 03-Jul-2020 14:32 by Administrator

Introduction Collapse, or shock, in the immediate postoperative period is not common. It requires immediate attention and aggressive therapy. The principles are first to recognize that the patient has collapsed, to resuscitate, and then to determ....

Vitrectomy Public
Contributed by: Dr. Nikolle Tan
Posted On 03-Jul-2020 14:15 by Administrator

A vitrectomy is a microsurgical procedure done by a Vitreo-Retinal surgeon. This means that surgery is done under a microscope using miniaturized instruments by a specialist surgeon trained specifically for this delicate surgery on the back of the eye. This procedure is done for conditions like r....