I have breast cancer. Will I lose my breast? Public
Contributed by: Dr. Melanie Seah
Posted On 10-Sep-2020 19:51 by Administrator

'Cancer I could deal with. Losing my breast I could not’ – Joanna Moorhead 2018 These are thoughts that are echoed by many ladies when told they have breast cancer. For many women, the breast forms a part o....

Chest Pain - Getting to the Heart of It Public
Contributed by: Dr. Ong Sea Hing
Posted On 05-Sep-2020 01:28 by Administrator

He had a history of gastric reflux and had experienced "heartburn" before, which he knew was just due to the backflow of acid from the stomach into his swallowing tract causing a burning sensation in the chest. So when he developed chest pain whilst walking to work one day, he thought i....

Second Opinion Medical Advisory Services' Qualifying Medical Conditions Public
Posted On 05-Sep-2020 01:25 by Administrator

Names of procedures that can be performed are listed in our Specialty Services section in the menu bar.  However, serious conditions which may qualify for a Second Opinion, are diagnosis of the following: ....

During and post Covid-19, it’s a good time for breast self-examination Public
Contributed by: Dr. Melanie Seah
Posted On 03-Jul-2020 23:02 by Administrator

As I write this we are right in the middle of a lockdown with 1 more month to go. Even as the end of the month draws near and passes, life will not be what it used to be. There will be easing of various restrictions but smart social distanci....

Spinal Cord Stimulator for Post-Surgery Pain Relief & Nerve Pain Public
Contributed by: Dr. Thor Timothy, Anuntapon Chutatape
Posted On 03-Jul-2020 22:52 by Administrator

What is it used for? ●    Spinal Cord Stimulation is used to provide....